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With the industry’s state right now, you are probably thinking the title is the biggest oxi-moron going at this moment in time, but bear with me.
It’s that time on the calendar when we all look back at the big stories that shaped our year and contemplate what will define the year ahead.
How Israel’s national parks system got online in a matter of weeks to reopen this summer.
OK, we’re actually watching many, many more. But here are 10 startups in tours, activities and attractions that have recently caught our eye.
The ability required to face the unknown in uncertain times has undoubtedly crossed our minds multiple times throughout our lives and certainly throughout our involvement in the ever-changing adventure tourism business climate.
This year has been tough on even the most iconic of attractions. Here’s how one of New York’s top attractions adapted to reopen in 2020.
Four operator stories from Arival 360 that will simply inspire the heck out of you.
Move quickly. Have an experimental mindset. And stop selling what your customers aren’t buying.
At last week’s Arival Virtual Summit Asia Pacific, we discussed transparency, sustainability, and preserving through adversity with the leader of one of the world’s largest tour operators.
One offshoot of the COVID-19 pandemic could be the dramatic acceleration of online booking in tours and attractions.