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Big Bus, the iconic “HOHO” or hop-on/hop-off operator, is moving to timed tickets and – in some locations – no HOHO when it resumes with safety guidelines at reduced capacity.
As tours, activities, and attractions slowly start to open in some countries around the world, others are still forced to remain closed and face uncertainty as to when they will be allowed to reopen.
Akila McConnell, the founder of Unexpected Atlanta, talks plainly about how operators can confront challenging and emotionally charged issues directly with their guests.
In this article, we’ll explain some of the advantages of working with OTAs. We’ll also highlight the key players and how to manage all of your OTA partnerships easily.
Let us witness the failures passed via our generation while ‘resonating the experiential delivery outcome (REDO)™’.
While these are unprecedented times, we need concrete steps to survive, revive, and grow in the times to follow.
I wanted to write about COVID-19 and provide guidance for fellow business owners. I had hoped our current strategy would help us deal with the current crisis. It hasn’t. Here’s what we’re learning.
Tour operators and OTAs are going all-in on virtual experiences during the COVID-19 quarantine. Are they a cure for our current crisis, or merely a way for operators to pass the time?
We have many hurdles ahead and recovery will take time. But if we can take away one thing from Arival, it’s that we are a unique industry, we help, support and encourage one another. A true community that we are all proud to be a part of.
Take these 10 projects as ideas, “thought-starters” to guide you on the review of your business during this tough time. I hope they lead you to discover even more ideas for improvement.