Ask Me Anything: Airbnb Exec Talks Future

This candid interview will delve into how Airbnb is working with operators, and next steps for the accommodation company.  

by | Nov 20, 2019

Airbnb is one of travel’s most disruptive companies. After reshaping the accommodations sector worldwide, the platform is well on its way to redefine how tours are created, run and sold.

Airbnb is often credited with pioneering the concept of Experiences in tours and activities. But Airbnb has expressed little interest in attractions—an essential component of the in-destination industry—until now. 

At ARIVAL Orlando 2019, Tiqets announced Airbnb led a $60 million investment. Will attractions soon be listed on Airbnb’s platform? Not anytime soon, says Riccardo Ulivi, who leads Experiences-Americas, in this interview on the Theater Stage. 

Watch the above video to learn Airbnb’s plans for the future, and key ways the tech giant could impact your company. 

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