Arival Guide: Understanding the U.S. Attractions Traveler

New Arival report on U.S. attractions travelers illuminates booking patterns, drivers of attractions choices, booking channel and much more. 

Attractions have remained a steadfast and vital part of the U.S. in-destination industry, even as tours, activities and experiences rise in popularity. Attractions are classified as ticketed places of interest such as historic sites, museums, and natural attractions including national parks and botanical gardens. Attractions are zoos and aquariums, and they are observatories, telescopes and observation decks with views over natural horizons and impressive skyscrapers alike. Attractions also include theme parks and amusement parks.

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This new report, The U.S. Attraction Traveler: How Travelers Plan, Book & Experience Museums, Zoos, Theme Parks, Monuments, Landmarks and Other Ticketed Attractions, with U.S. Travel Association’s National Council of Attractions and Experiences, dives deep into the motivations that drive travelers to visit attractions of all ilk.

Here you’ll learn which attraction categories are most popular with certain age groups, and why.

You’ll understand what factors of the attraction experience either help or hurt the perceived value of the attraction (hint: everybody hates waiting in lines). This report digests how food and shopping experiences bolster guest satisfaction, maps how travelers discover and purchase tickets to different types of attractions and when, explores why travelers book through OTAs, and much, much more to help your business accelerate sales, get more five-star reviews, and create better attraction experiences for U.S. travelers of all ages.

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