Arival Covid-19 Travel Restriction Resources

Travel restrictions due to COVID-19 are constantly changing. Here’s a handy list of resources to help you keep tabs on the state of who can travel, and where they can travel to.
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Travel restrictions due to Covid-19 change frequently, and will likely remain dynamic as long as the pandemic persists. For operators who need to know things like which source markets can reach them, or whether (and under what protocols) they can resume business in any of their multiple markets, Arival has compiled a list of resources for information on travel restrictions. We’ll continue to update these.

Air Travel

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) is a trade association that sets standards for the airline industry. Its clickable map offers regularly updated country-by-country restrictions. The information comes from Timatic, IATA’s platform for airlines and travel agents to verify passenger travel document requirements.   

Kayak maintains a similar map, which it says is based on government updates. Kayak also tracks policies of individual airlines and hotel chains.

 Countries’ Restrictions and Requirements

For more detailed information on restrictions on travel to and within Europe, the European Commission has an information portal. Not all regions have a centralized source, but Airbnb has collected links to country-by-country regulations in Africa, Asia-Pacific, Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean, North America and South America. Within the United States, the National Governor’s Association tracks state-by-state reopening guidelines

Health Bodies

The US Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s Travel Advisory section and the European CDC Traveller’s Health portal both include some information on travel restrictions, as well as answers to travel-related questions such as health safety in air travel and a framework for travelers to decide whether they should take trips.

Opening Status and Restrictions at Attractions Around the World

If you want to know what your peers and neighbors are doing, Headout keeps a tally of attractions’ reopening status with information on health and safety measures.

 Travel within the United States

The New York Times recently published this article on travel within the U.S., and travel search engine Kayak is keeping a running tab on travel restrictions state by state. 

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