Marcey Levine

CEO & Co-founder

First Crush Tour Experiences

About Me

Marcey Levine, is a Certified International Tour Manager (CITM) and a Custom Travel Designer who specializes in deep-immersion travel experiences in Asia, Mexico, Eastern Europe, the Caribbean, the Western United States, and beyond. Having sojourned; ‘to reside as a temporary guest’ in 30 countries within the past decade, her passion is to bring small groups of travelers into life-changing experiences, where they visit foreign cultures and countries from a real-life perspective that takes them beyond the rushed frenzy tourist traps to enjoy a true taste of what local life is really like in each and every destination.

As an accomplished entrepreneur who has owned four restaurants and has worked extensively in the hospitality industry, Marcey plans out each of her trips while at a location, seeking out local guides, foods, accommodations, and events that inspire not only the visitor but the beautiful connections made. The end result is unforgettable life-enriching experiences that have great potential to change world views. Inspiring travelers to see destinations in this way is Marcey’s focus. A mother of one boy, Marcey decided early on to ‘world school’ her son, temporarily taking him out of conventional schooling to immerse him in the lessons of life across multiple cultures. According to both, it was a decision well made.

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