Alberto Gutierrez

Founder & CEO at Civitatis


About Me

Alberto is the founder and CEO of Civitatis, world leaders in the commercialization of guided tours and excursions in Spanish the world over. In 2019, Civitatis hopes to sell more than 100 million dollars in activities, to more than 3.5 million travelers. Civitatis also offers the most read Spanish language travel guides, such as or Since 2017, Civitatis also works in English, French, Portuguese and Italian, looking to replicate its success in the Spanish market.

As a traveler, Alberto has visited more than 70 countries and has the experiences to match. He’s swum with great white sharks in South Africa, has been chased by an elephant in South Africa and has survived haggling in Morocco’s souks. He’s visited active volcanos in Vanuatu, flown acrobatic planes in Las Vegas, visited the Cu Chi tunnels in Vietnam and even flown from Frankfurt to Tokyo, without a seat.

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