Who We Are: Arival’s Core Values

Whether you attend our conferences or read our newsletter, you place your trust in us. Here are the values that matter to us.

by | May 30, 2019

In less than three years, Arival has grown from one conference in the U.S. to three around the world, a weekly newsletter and more. We’ve also grown from three part-time founders to a 12-person team. So in March this year we held our first team offsite to bond our team, forge our path and establish the principles that are dear to each of us as a business, and as members of this incredible industry of tours, activities and attractions.

Whether you attend our conferences, read our newsletter, get updates from our website or follow us on social, you place your trust in us. So we want to share with you our core values, and give you a sense not just of what we do, but who we are and what’s important to us. This is a huge and passionate effort from the entire Arival team. I want to especially thank the extraordinary Lynne Fetterman, Arival’s vice president of operations, who wrangled a powerful vision and steadying set of core values from 12 diverse, creative individuals.

For us, these are not just words on a website. These are values that guide every decision each team member makes about our business, and how we serve each of you. We will aspire to live up these nine values every day.

Has your company established a brand purpose and mission with core values? Have you published them to your customers? I would love to know what you have learned, and how it has helped your organization. Email me at [email protected].

  • We focus on the customer first, evaluating our products and services based on the positive impact they have on the people we serve.
  • We demonstrate a deep respect for human beings inside and outside our company and for the communities in which they live.
  • We value integrity and strive to consistently interact with others in ways that are authentic, ethical, and fair.
  • We are dedicated to transparency, committing to clear, open and honest communication.
  • We leverage our collective skills through teamwork, creating an environment that is supportive, empathetic, accountable, responsible, empowered and proactive.
  • We are a creative force for change and innovation across the industry.
  • We actively pursue and advocate for diversity and representation of varying cultural backgrounds, perspectives and ideas.
  • We are committed to work-life balance, equally prioritizing fun with work and putting family first.
  • We believe in giving back, making a positive contribution to our world.




















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