Prepare for the Rebound

As tours, activities, and attractions slowly start to open in some countries around the world, others are still forced to remain closed and face uncertainty as to when they will be allowed to reopen.
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Headquartered in Germany, a country which has been leading the way in the gradual lift of the lockdown on many sectors in society, we at bookingkit have supported and closely followed the reopening of our clients, and have gathered learnings on what helped these businesses continue running during the lockdown, and how they best spent their time in order to prepare for a smooth reopening.

Update all of your content

Regardless of whether your advertising material consists of a website, social media profile, or printed flyers, remember that your external appearance is your brand, and is a main contributing factor for customers and future customers to trust in your business. High-quality content, attention to detail, and constant engagement will not only help you build a strong image but will also have an impact on your SEO, as well as positioning yourself against your competition. 

Use high-resolution photos

Take advantage of any remaining “down-time” to critically review the quality of your photo and video material. Make sure to use only photos of the highest quality to illustrate your experiences. If you don’t have the opportunity to take high-quality photos, use one of the many (free) stock photo databases – so long as you do not present unrealistic expectations. You will find professional photos that you can use for your content or use the stock photos as a source of inspiration for your own ideas.

Upload awesome video content

A picture says 1000 words, but a video is worth 1000 pictures! Embrace this medium if you have not yet done so, as it provides the best and most realistic impression of what your customers can expect from your experience. Whether you introduce yourself in a short interview or preview your experience is about, moving images trigger emotions, much better than static ones. It doesn’t matter whether you use drone shots, an action cam, or the camera on your smartphone. Be approachable, and show everyone what makes you and your offer unique.

Harmonize your corporate design

Now is a great time to also review your profiles on all marketing channels you use. Whether you use OTAs, social media channels, or both, it is easy to lose track of your profiles on all of these different portals. Make sure your brand looks on point throughout. Use the same logo, similar visual material, and backgrounds to provide the most cohesive image of your business. 

Just a quick glance will show you what you need to update: Is your logo visible everywhere and in high resolution? Are the corporate colors correct, and is your information still accurate? And don’t forget about your Google My Business profile! Although not often thought of as a traditional marketing channel, keeping your profile populated and up-to-date is equally important, especially considering that upon reopening most of your clientele will be local before international tourism picks up again. This means that your presence on Google Maps is just as important, or even more so than before!

Don’t forget about the text!

The descriptions that accompany your business profile, as well as your experiences, are just as important as images. Although they might not be the first thing to catch your eye, keeping content on your pages and profiles fresh and up-to-date not only increases viewers’ trust in your listing but can also help the SEO of your page. Furthermore, a couple of short sentences can still communicate a lot about your corporate identity. Are you hitting the right tone? Do your customers have quick and clear access to all important information? Make sure to choose a language that reaches as many customers as possible and encourage them to book your offer through clear Calls to Action.

Sell vouchers!

You might be thinking: Ok, I have updated all my online content. Now what? I still can’t reopen so I am losing business. The best way to put this refreshed, strong online presence to use is by appealing to existing customers and new customers to buy vouchers for your experience! Highlight this prominently on your homepage and appeal to their emotional side. Let visitors know how much it would mean to you as a business that they still support you throughout this crisis, and that you look forward to welcoming them as soon as you can. This strategy has worked very well for our clients, and here you can see one example:

About bookingkit

bookingkit was founded in Berlin in early 2014 by Christoph Kruse and Lukas C. C. Hempel. bookingkit’s software as a service (SaaS) platform is bringing the international tours and activities market into the digital era. The web-based solution gives activity providers control over their business processes, including bookings, payments, management, and marketing, through a single digital interface. The result is a highly-automated and multifaceted range of activity offerings that can be booked in real-time, with global reach, few barriers, and efficient cost structures.

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