Attractions 2.0

How Digital, Tech & Distribution is Changing Tours & Activities’ Most Important Sector



Attractions drive tourism.  Over half of leisure travelers visit historic/cultural sites, famous and natural attractions, or museum, zoos or aquariums on their trips.  While attractions are important to travel, they have long been overlooked.  Most of the investment and media interest has focused on the long tail of this hot sector: the small operators and the new SaaS technology vendors attempting to serve them.  Everyone is overlooking the technology players serving the biggest part of the market – large ticketed attractions. 

Arival is undertaking this in-depth study of Attraction operators to understand the key trends within this important sector.  Our study will examine market size, the online sales and distribution channels, the use of tech and pricing and product best practices.


Through a comprehensive research methodology, Arival will publish the most extensive global study of attractions related to technology, distribution, sales and marketing: the Arival Guide to Attractions Distribution & Tech.

  • Understand market size and trending across online and offline distribution channels for attractions
  • Identify key trends in technology adoption and distribution
  • Identify performance benchmarks across distribution and tech adoption
  • Understand the top tech and distribution priorities and concerns among attractions
  • Identify strategies to engage with attractions to bring them into the distribution arena


All organizations seeking to better understand key trends in the attractions sector should consider partnering with Arival for this study including:

  • Technology companies serving attractions
  • OTAs & resellers seeking to sell attraction tickets
  • Attractions seeking to understand industry benchmarks and best practices


Our Future: Reading the Tours, Activities & Attractions Tea Leaves – Erik Blachford


Partnering with Arival on this study provides many benefits including:

1. Gain valuable insights into the global state of the Attractions sector through a custom presentation of the study results

2. Acquire critical market data and trends to hone your tech, market and product strategies through strategic recommendations from the Arival Insights team

3. Gain visibility and credibility for your brand among the global Tours, Activities & Attractions sector through Arival marketing and distribution via Arival Conference in Orlando October 2019, newsletters and webinars.

4. Establish your brand as a trend setter and market leader with co-branded content that provides research-based actionable insights that your constituents will love

Interested in learning more about this study and how it can benefit your organization?