How To Win Europe’s Digital Travelers: Insights from Arival & bookingkit at Arival Berlin & ITB

by | Feb 27, 2019

It’s no secret that online booking in the tours and activities segment of the travel industry is well below that of flights and hotels.

In fact, many in the global industry believe that tours and activities will never fully go online for reasons that are often cited at industry conferences and in travel trade media: the tours and activities segment is too fragmented with too many small businesses that lack technical know-how. At the same time, conventional wisdom holds that travelers don’t even begin to think about booking their activities or tours until later in trip planning, and they prefer to book in destination and offline.

New Research on European Travelers

Now, a new report by Arival and bookingkit — The Arival Guide to Tour & Activity Booking in Europe — paints a different picture about the future of online adoption by the tours and activities sector of the global tourism industry. Based on a comprehensive survey of European travelers, the report reveals how changes in technology, marketplace dynamics and consumer booking patterns are pushing tours and activities operators to move online — ready or not.

Arival CEO and Co-founder Douglas Quinby will present findings on some of the transformative trends occurring in the marketplace and identified in the report at Arival Berlin March 4 and 5, and at ITB, including:

  •         The role of activities and tours in trip planning
  •         How, where and when travelers research and book, and how it’s changing
  •         The growing importance of digital and online booking
  •         Key insights operators must incorporate into their strategy to win Europe’s new digital traveler

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Most travelers may research tours and activities online, but fewer than 30% report any online booking. This gap between online shopping and booking is significant, and indicates that tour and activity operators are not yet converting a significant portion of online planners into buyers.

Source: The Arival Guide to Tour & Activity Booking in Europe



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