Arival dives into the data to understand why nearly half of U.S. travelers don’t take tours—and what you as an operator can do about it.
Expert advice on understanding the needs and expectations of the rapidly growing Halal and Muslim traveler segment.
At Arival Berlin 2019, experts share key insights to engage Asia’s travelers.
Experiences are trendy. But research shows attractions may still win in popularity.
Tours, Activities & Attractions have become one of travel’s hot topics. General travel industry media are paying more attention. It’s becoming a standard session at major travel industry conferences. Everybody is talking about the big themes: it’s growing fast, consumers want experiences, online booking is accelerating, mobile is the future, and so on.
The New Year means all too many predictions and “year in review” articles. We don’t want to add to the media fluff. But here are 12 trends we think every creator and seller of Tours, Activities, Attractions & Events should pay attention to this year. We don’t know how each of these will unfold, but the changes will affect everyone in our industry.
2018 has been a wild year for the in-destination travel industry. We’ve seen mergers, new startups, and companies fold.

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