One of the most talked-about sessions at Arival’s Spring into Summer highlighted just how much tour and attractions’ summer season will depend on governments reopening travel
There’s more to distribution than OTAs. This new Arival Guide helps operators evaluate the multi-attraction pass card opportunity
Travel’s return is a boon for some, but still very slow for most operators as we head into the summer season.
With operators seeking new grow sales, Arival has produced a new guide to multi-attraction passes.
Investors have poured more than $2.4 billion into our industry since 2017 and nearly $500 million since the pandemic. We list all of them here by funding, business model, region, and more.
Since March 2020, Arival has been tracking the pandemic’s impact and outlook for our industry. Take a few minutes to complete our latest trends survey on recovery and planning for 2021-2022.
A no-nonsense guide to help tour and activity operators assess if they should list, how to list, and how to succeed on Airbnb Experiences.
Uncertainty abounds, but U.S. traveler demographics and consumer finance trends suggest the recovery – when it happens – will be faster than we think.
7 big takeaways from the Arival Town Hall on Airbnb Experiences
Just how big is Airbnb Experiences? Here are a few key metrics from Arival’s new report Inside Airbnb Experiences.

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