Contending with Crises

Travel restrictions due to COVID-19 are constantly changing. Here’s a handy list of resources to help you keep tabs on the state of who can travel, and where they can travel to.
Operators struggle with lack of local health and safety guidelines as they plan their reopening
Let us witness the failures passed via our generation while ‘resonating the experiential delivery outcome (REDO)™’.
We are all facing extraordinary uncertainty about our marketplace. How can we plan around it?
Chris Wilson founded Typically Swiss Tours in 2018 after years of working in the event and broadcasting industries, Chris also owns a number of holiday accommodations for international guests.
Last week we shared Seven Good Things Happening Right Now, and this week we are bringing you more awesome ideas.
Now is the time to stay positive, to control the controllables…and to focus on what you can do to steer your business out of this crisis – and thrive on the other side.
In tough times, we all have our doubts. The owner of one small Caribbean operator is sharing them openly here, as well as the things she’s doing now. Take 3 minutes to read this heartfelt story now.
Arival’s ongoing Coronavirus Pulse survey shows a significant increase in the percentage of operators at risk of business failure.
A brief summary of Arivals Townhall discussion with leading tour and activity operators, plus download of the findings from the recent Coronavirus Pulse Study.