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Don't assume you know what your customers think; speak to them!
Thinking differently about guest photos can directly help you address your guests' concerns and your business goals.
The impact of online travel agencies, or OTAs, on the tours, activities, and attractions market is far more significant than their market share. Here’s why.
According to a new Arival report on sales and distribution, the pandemic could do in 12 months what OTAs and tech companies have struggled to do for decades.
Bokun’s recent changes shine a spotlight on reservation system pricing models. There are a variety of approaches and comparing side by side isn’t easy. So we’ve compiled this handy pricing guide to some of the most popular platforms. Note: This article has been updated on Oct. 12, 2020 to reflect corrections and additions in the pricing tables.
Since early March Arival has been tracking the impact of the pandemic on tour, activity, and attraction operators worldwide. Take a few minutes to take this study update, and we’ll share the results with our industry.
Did you miss an Arival online event? Here’s a quick summary of all of Arival’s online educational events with handy links.
Last week’s summit may have been tailored to operators in the region, but this handful of insights are relevant for everyone, everywhere in the Best Part of Travel.
At last week’s Arival Virtual Summit Asia Pacific, we discussed transparency, sustainability, and preserving through adversity with the leader of one of the world’s largest tour operators.
We should use this period of travel stagnation to rebuild our businesses more ethically and sustainably, so that our earth is preserved for future generations to explore.