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Bucket lists are more likely to play a part in travelers’ decision making to visit a cultural site or monument than fame, new Arival research has found
Getting to grips with both off- and online distribution is one of the most important things an operator can do
Travelers are planning their spa and yoga much further in advance as drop-ins vanished during the pandemic
As the world tries to come to an agreement on the climate crisis, here’s steps that operators can take to become more sustainable
Many watersport and boat tour operators have ridden an incredible wave of growth as the pandemic sent travelers from cities and crowds to the great outdoors. But can they sustain this growth? Here’s their story in five charts
The pandemic has driven big changes in how travelers are planning park visits, and amusement and theme park operators not prepared for the digital shift could find themselves falling behind
Distribution in tours, activities and attractions is fragmented, complex, and there’s way too much jargon. So we’ve tried to make it simple. Get our short guide with terms, definitions and very readable diagrams
In 2021 it’s all about the experience, and travelers are willing to pay for it
Smaller, longer tours are on the menu, according to new research from Arival
As tourism moves to significantly cut emissions, operators should create a climate action plan to assess the benefits it can bring to your business

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