Arival Berlin Workshop Presentations Available: Download and Learn!

by | Mar 21, 2019

Some of the best and the brightest in the Tours, Activities & Attractions industry shared their expertise in Arival Berlin workshops covering an array of topics ranging from distribution to direct bookings, video marketing, pricing, mobile technology and working with online travel agencies.

We’re sharing the presentation decks so you can take advantage of the insights presented even if you were unable to attend Arival Berlin in person. Presentations available for downloading include:

Direct Online Bookings: Tracking & Conversion

Focus: How to reach customers at the right time in a world of endless touchpoints. Mobile has changed the game, and tracking digital bookings and optimizing conversions should be every operator’s starting point for growth.

Master Your Online Booking Funnel (and Grow Your Direct Sales)

Focus: Actionable approaches and best practices to help you connect the right customer with the best available tour or activity you have to offer, including: search (paid and organic), social, display and the all-important landing page on your website.

Working with Online Travel Agencies (so It Works for You)

Focus: How to develop a smart and balanced distribution strategy, how to best work with different OTAs, and how to optimize your sales while avoiding over-dependence on any one distribution channel.

The Final Mile: Strategies for Acquiring & Converting Customers via Mobile

Focus: A deep dive into mobile acquisition strategies and essential tactics to help operators entice and convert tomorrow’s mobile consumer.

Video Marketing Essentials

Focus: The essential tenets of effective video marketing to reach mobile shoppers and bookers, and a practical roadmap to start creating compelling, mobile-friendly videos to win more business and grow your bookings.

Facebook & Instagram: An Audience Targeting Masterclass

Focus: A masterclass from social media specialist Sparkloft reviews the essentials and best practices for mining the Facebook and Instagram platforms to win more customers.

Get Your Pricing & Profits Right

Focus: Pricing strategies and techniques that will help you develop the best pricing for your tour or activity taking into account the competition, customers, fixed and variable costs, marketing, and distribution.

Payments Explained: Everything You Wanted To Know About Payment Processing But Were Afraid to Ask

Focus: The essentials of best practices around payment processes for tour and activity operators, including foreign exchange, online fraud, emerging platforms and mobile payments.

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